Hey Tribe!

I am screaming this from the depth of my heart.

How are you all doing?

It is the last week of June and we are super thankful to God for keeping us alive and well. 

I know a lot of people are already reviewing their set goals for 2021 and wondering if there would still be time to meet up with the deadline (who is chasing us though?). Well, if that big thing hasn't happened yet, you just have to keep moving right?.

Beyond achieving our goals, I am also thinking about our shape as humans and how it can be used to affect the world around us. 

Your S.H.A.P.E is God's unique purpose for your life. It is what you have been gifted for. It takes application for your gifts to be fanned into flame.

SHAPE is an acronym for 
*Spiritual Gifts


Whatever extraordinary power God has blessed you with is for service to Humanity and God's kingdom.

The act of Love is also a gift, how much of it are you using? 


The heart is where everything is conceived. Choose to follow carefully and it will lead you into God's given plans and purpose.


Your abilities are whatever inborn talents and skills you have learned over the years, and it is not just for you but to meet the needs of others, and solve the world's problems. So quit thinking of “Me first” 


The way you are specially designed is enough for you. Your shortcomings and disadvantages shouldn't be a cast down but a stepping stone into great height. Use them to your advantage!


All your experiences in life whether pleasant or not are what makeup who you are. How you handle those experiences will determine if you will come out of it as a shining star or with irrevocable scars. 

There are two men raised by a drunk father. One of them says “I ended up being a drunk myself because my father was one”

The other says “I was raised by a drunk father, trust me you don't want to be one” 

Two women who have been through bad marriages;

One says “all men are from hell, marriage is hell”

The other says “you don't want to know what I've been through. I will use my story to help you pull through and break the record”

Perception is everything!

How you see situations around you matters. 

How are you telling your story?

When you get a chance to share your story, never hold back.

Make sure you tell it all, and in the most edifying way.

I choose to use my mess to preach a message of hope, peace, and love, the kind that only God gives. I am changing the narrative and telling my story for the greater good.

I am Available 

I am Poised

I am Useful

I am Shaped To Impact.

It is the Storytelling and final week of Afrobloggers WinterABC2021 writers challenge 

Storytelling Week

©️Rachel Jesuseme


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