Dear World, Every Child Is A Beacon Of Hope. Don't Make Them Lose Hope In Life.

You have to love your child unselfishly. That is hard. But it is the only way”

Barbara Bush

Hey Tribe,

We are still on Advocacy week, and lending my voice to Special Needs Children.

One of the most common of these is the Down syndrome Spectrum.

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder. While most babies are born with 23 pairs of Chromosome within each cell for a total of 46, children with Down Syndrome are born with an extra Chromosome which changes the way their body and brain develop. 

Children with Down syndrome find it very difficult to coordinate.

During my NYSC days in 2010, I spent my free time working with centers that offer support to children with Down Syndrome and their families. One thing that caught my attention was the special care given to them. They are really treated as special because they are special, but in the outside world, they are not. 

Out there they are seen as bad luck or demon possessed children who have come into the world to torment their parents, most especially mothers. Other people blame the mothers for their child’s condition. 

Children with special needs are daily treated like they are less human. At school, they are excluded from attending school trips and from taking part in dance classes because “they can't keep up with the rhythm”

At home, they are left out of the family pictures and kept in a room when visitors are around because “they cannot coordinate themselves and hold conversations properly”.

Most people say “if already know your child's condition from birth then you should make necessary preparations to cater for them”.

My child woke up one day and suddenly stops talking? The Doctor called it “Withdrawal syndrome”. What on earth was supposed to prepare me for that? How do I make preparations to cater for her too?”

Children with special needs deserve to feel and live like every other child. 

Beyond the stares, Special Needs children deserve to be loved just like every other child.

Children with Special Needs are not weird, they just want what everyone wants: To be accepted!

Dear Child, You are beautiful.

And I am rooting for you.

Day 6

Advocacy week.


NYSC: (National Youth Service Corp) one year compulsory program by the graduate for their contribution towards nation building. 

©️Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Thank you for this subtle reminder and I hope actions accompany this message.
    I've had the opportunity of teaching a down syndrome child and they are lovable children if only we open our rights to them and make realize that they are deeply loved.

    1. It is a call to action for us all. To love and support these children with special needs.

      Dealing with special needs children is a wonderful experience and I hope you had one with him.


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