Five Things You Shouldn't Do To A Special Needs Child

Five Things You Shouldn't Do To A Special Needs Child 

1. Self Diagnose

One thing to never do when you sense your child might be needing special attention is never to self diagnose.

The diagnosis for a special needs child varies depending on the child's condition. 

While some conditions are straight forward, others require a diagnose to identify what exactly is the matter. 

If your child is exhibiting any symptoms that might cause you to worry, the right thing to do is to see a doctor. The sooner you get help needed the better. No need for second guessing or comparing your child's condition to a neighbor’s

2. Prayer

The most barbaric and inhumane thing I've seen is subjecting a special needs child to pain all in the name of prayers and cleansing. 

A special needs child is already dealing with so much. Starving them all in the name of fasting, and tieing  them to a tree under the scorching sun and in the rain, waiting for when the demons will get tired and leave the child’s body is wickedness and not of God.

You all need to stop!

3. Isolation

When my child suddenly stopped talking, and the doctor said it was withdrawal syndrome, the only thing I wanted to do was to run away with her because I got tired of answering questions. 

This is probably the first option for a parent with special needs child but it is not the best for the child neither the parent.

Isolation will only make the child feel worse than they already do. 

Special needs children should be allowed to live freely and mingle with other kids. Weather within the family or the outside world.



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  1. Thank you. This was insightful.

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  2. I pray they listen!
    Thank you once again for advocating for children with special needs. They deserve all the love they can get.

    1. We shall continue to play our part in creating awareness.

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