My Fashion is “Comfortable” and “Beautiful”

 “Fashion is a form of self-expression and autonomy at a particular period and place in a specific context, of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, make-up, hairstyle, and body posture”. This is the universal definition of fashion.

My definition of fashion is BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE. It doesn't matter how much or what brand it is, so long as it looks good on me and I don't feel faint underneath (beauty is pain sometimes), then I am good to go.

Fashion is beautiful but it is also expensive. It is one thing to be able to navigate your finances when you are single (or maybe not), but when you get married and the kids start coming, it becomes a race that never ends. 

I have been a reckless spender and impulsive buyer and I can confidently say being a Mum has/ is shaping and curbing most of my excesses. 

It is important that we not only teach our children to live right but also, live our lives as an open book that the younger generation can truly read and learn from.

Here is how fashion is changing for me.

You know those videos of fashion hikes you see online where someone would creatively wear a sweatshirt as a skirt or turn a scarf into a bra top? That used to be me growing up as a cool kid. No, I don't do that anymore but I rather improved in the art. 

I am very big on events and turning up in the most stylish way ever, and those outfits end up just filling space in my wardrobe because they are hardly worn again. 

What I have done recently is to revamp the styles of those outfits to fit into a more regular everyday life.

From my 30th birthday in 2017

Into this with a different fabric on the bottom

If you are a first time Mum this is for you. You know how the world generally made us believe that you must be in an overflowing gown AKA maternity gown when pregnant? 

From my first pregnancy in 2016

That is not necessarily true. Fine, it is VERY important to be comfortable in your dressing during pregnancy but comfort is not necessarily on maternity gowns only.

Depending on your size at the time, you could make dresses that are not so big and can be reused.

To the second pregnancy twinning with mini-me in April 2018. Yes, I always save my fabrics for them😁

And who says being pregnant shouldn't be fashionable?

Maternity jeans: You can comfortably rock this even after childbirth. Nobody needs to know what's underneath!

When it comes to Asoebi buying, one cannot completely shy from it, especially if you are from a large family that host parties every other weekend. Another reason people buy Asoebi is to show support to the host family and also have a sense of belonging when one shows up for a party.

From Owembe in December 2018

I recently put my creativity to play and I am revamping my Asoebi dresses too, so long as it aligns with the colour of the day😁. That way I don't have to keep buying.

To MC duties in 2021

I am not so crazy about brand name, anything that is 



*Doesn't cause me too much heartache from my account balance is the definition of fashion for me. 

And that is why sometimes, I stop by the people under the bridge AKA “bend down boutique” or “second hand market” (I am still mad at my friend who introduced me, I can't save anymore). 

Gone are the days when second hand items was only for those who couldn't afford new ones. Now, you will be surprised at the quality of what you can get there, and in the lowest unbelievable prices ever. 

Birthday photoshoot in 2018:
Jumpsuit from my “Bend down boutique”, you wouldn't know if I didn't tell you.

The second hand clothing industry is projected to hit $64Billion in the next five years. This has become a mega business that everyone is cashing out on, even I have made a good number of sales from it before SemeGold Fashion happened. 

Well, aside from when I bought a Nike shoes with an Addidas logo and Papa Matana laughed me silly (I still haven't forgiven him), I can confidently say I am doing ok with fashion.


1. Asoebi is a uniform dress usually in a particular colour or style that is traditionally worn in Nigeria as an indicator of cooperation or solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods.

2. Owambe: Party

It is the end of Culture and Fashion Week for me.
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  1. Nice one.
    Even though I sometimes want to go with what's trendy my goal for fashion is always cool and comfort.

    1. One cannot completely stay off “trendy” when it comes to fashion.

      At the end of the day, it is your comfort that matters

  2. when it comes to fashion, we are the same lol.. comfortable and beautiful is the way. I loved reading this and seeing your creativity

    1. Yayyyy! I should come for some fashion tips (especially from your country) then.

      Thanks for stopping by Eunice.


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