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Welcome to a new week. How have you all been? Cool right?. With September in style and glamour and the year gradually winding down. Before the world was hit by the global pandemic there were a lot of things we used to take for granted. We never appreciate moving around smelling the fresh air and our only fear when we were in crowded places was being robbed. Fast forward to the present we long to move around in the street without the mask covering our nose and mouth. We look for to receiving good news and going back to the new normal. 

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Sometimes the pressure can be overwhelming and you might feel like we are suffocating. One day you might have everything figured out but the next moment you don't know what's happening. Our emotions and feelings are real and instead of acting like we have everything figured out one should learn to express their emotions and feelings. 

Always remember that it's okay to have good and bad days. 

You are not alone and when you feel tired and weary get some rest and find someone to talk to. 

In some cases you might feel like God doesn't care or that God has forsaken us. Let's take a minute to remember the good things that God has done for us. Do you still remember the answered prayers, the miracles, and God's provision? Even though these are trying and terrifying times.

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be and be in health. and be in health, just as your soul prospers.
3 John 1:2 (NKJV)

I pray that you do not lose your faith but may you be strengthened and blessed beyond your wildest expectations. Amen.

Take care 

For a second I thought I was reading from me, and I guess you thought so too. Unbelievable right?

The Seme’s Tribe is growing so fast beyond our wildest imagination and today, we have the privilege of reading from one of us, Takudzwanashe.

Our sister from Zimbabwe
Such a beaurriii!!!

Takudzwanashe Ndangana is a Zimbabwean content creator who enjoys reading African Literature, watching animation, and going for walks. You can read more of her amazing stories on her blog at THE BAOBAB and listen to her PODCAST HERE
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Have an amazing week ahead Tribe.

©️Rachel Jesuseme


  1. It was a pleasure being a guest on your blog.Love you loads Rachel!

  2. Very encouraging.
    Thank you dear Takudzwanashe for gracing our space!😘


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