What are you having for breakfast?

Well, a wrote A POST a few days back and it did spike a lot of conversations. It was an honest post about how pure and beautiful love is, better still the love of God that made Him send His only begotten son to come to die for the sins of mankind.

All was well and good until some people sent their feedback and asked that I leave the issue of love for another day because they are all here “chopping breakfast”

My first reaction was laughter.

“Chipping breakfast”? isn't that supposed to mean a good thing? I mean it is food, right? But no, “breakfast” in this context refers to heartbreak! 

So yes, a lot of us have been going through heartbreak as a result of a cheating partner. Even the married folks, yes married people responded the most.

Now, my question is, what really is the reason why a married person will cheat on his or her spouse?

Whatever the reason, I don't know but I do know for a fact that it is the highest form of disrespect anyone can ever go through. 

Not that women don't cheat in marriage but men do the most and women are usually at the receiving end. Society has made us believe that men, especially African men are polygamous in nature and so should be tolerated whenever they exhibit such. I wonder if the same tolerance will apply to a woman when she does the same. 

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Apart from the mental and psychological this causes for a woman, there is also the fear of HIV and Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases that are usually dumped on the woman. 

Our religious institutions have even made this worse, putting the message of forgiveness forward but this is not God's way. Even the Bible talks about not taking things for granted just because. 

“What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound?”
Romans 6:1

So if society (especially in Africa) feels a man owns everything including the right to constantly disrespect a woman, and women owns nothing including their right to chose to be respected I am the 1% out of 99. 9 who knows her worth and demands to be respected. I am not about to start a revolution or put out an inciting statement but I feel we need to begin to focus more on teaching, and putting out the right message.

In human relations, mutual respect is one key. Respect for one's self. Respect for one another.


So dear Seme Tribe, have you been served breakfast before? Was it served cold or steaming hot?

Share your experience with us in the comment section. I bet we are all going to be anonymous for this😝

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©️Rachel Jesuseme