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 Have you ever had to do something terrifying. Trying out new things or stepping into new grounds but doing it afraid. Sometimes you do not necessarily need to have all your plans laid out.  When I first started Seme’s Nooks, I didn't have all ideas but as we continue to grow the brand, we have grown and i still growing, thanks to you of course, The Tribe. Sometimes, all you need is a leap of faith. Why not try jumping today. Image source: No matter how terrifying, do something new. Reach for the sky, and if you fail you are in luck because you get to fall among the stars. Have a great week Tribe. Xoxo ©️Rachel Jesuseme


H ey Tribe, How are you all doing today? It is Nigeria’s independence today. Nigeria is located in West Africa . Nigeria represents different tribes with unique languages and rich cultural heritage. Nigerians are known for their vibrant and friendly energy expressed through diverse creative expressions. Suffice it to say that Nigeria is the pride of Africa. Nigeria is my motherland and the place of my birth and today she turns 61.  an Amen! When we became Nigeria at 60 last year it was with utmost expectation and high hope for a better today but today, we do not even have the life to hope anymore.  There has been so much hunger and insecurity in the land. How does one even think of the stomach when life itself is not certain of seeing the next sunset? As we mark Nigeria's Independence today, I cannot stop myself from thinking of the many families who have lost their dear ones to the raging wind of insecurity blowing in the land.  The most recent being the death of Dr. Akunyili, hus