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 Hey Tribe!  It's the morning after for me and I am still overwhelmed by the show of love on my birthday yesterday. Thank you for the gifts, kind words, and prayers over me. They were indeed overwhelming.  One thing I have deliberately chosen to do in the past year is to consciously grow my community, my circle of strength and I dare say that it has been my best effort yet. The love for The Tribe globally is beyond my expectations. Surely Semes Nooks is beyond me and  God's word is being fulfilled. Looking back on how far we've gone. The journey only just began! Allow me to mention that the first batch of The #Godcan merchandise is sold out all around the world. Yes, you read correctly, all around the world. Thank you all for the support. Please keep it coming and spread the word. Join the movement Get yours today ! Remember, it doesn't matter how bad that situation is, GodCan. Have an amazing day ahead. Xoxo ©Rachel Jesuseme


It's my favorite time of the year. Roll out the drums Shout it on top of the hills The season is gold. Yes, Tribe, it's my birthday today. I cannot begin to write about how excited I am of today. Every year is a different experience and this has particularly been one with so many expectations especially since God's favorite daughter is not getting any younger. But my looks says otherwise  With the heart of great expectations this year, I have however chosen to remain consciously grateful. So this new year, I am counting my blessings as always, but more intentional about it. I am counting my blessings of friends and family members. I am grateful for my journey and how far God has brought me.  I am grateful for you, my Tribe who constantly hold my hands as I walk through life and it's many phases and continues to share stories with you. Thank you for standing by always. Because Jesus is my only rock and what better day than today to share this good news with you all. Ther


On my worship today, I am sharing God's goodness.  He picked me up, turned my life around and placed my feet on solid ground. Hallelujah! I THANK GOD LYRICS BY MAVERICK CITY “Wandering into the night ,  Wanting a place to hide This weary soul ,  This bag of bones And I try with all my might ,  But I just can't win the fight I'm slowly drifting ,  A vagabond And just when I ran out of road I met a man I didn't know And He told me that I was not alone He picked me up, He turned me around He placed my feet on solid ground I thank the Master, I thank the Savior Because He healed my heart, He changed my name Forever free, I'm not the same I thank the Master, I thank the Savior I thank God I cannot deny what I see ,  Got no choice but to beliеve My doubts are burning ,  Like ashеs in the wind So, so long to my old friends ,  Burden and bitterness You can just keep it moving (Hey), hey Nah, you ain't welcome here From now 'til I walk the streets of gold I'll si


When a seed is planted it takes time to grow. There are different planting seasons and so is the different germination season of every seed. Some seeds germinate so fast within a few days or weeks, others take time to grow. Some seed also requires a certain temperature to grow. However, the length of time it takes for a seed to grow, no matter the wait, when a seed is ready to grow all that matters is the sprout because it is the only evidence that a seed is ready to transition from the season of being just a seed in the ground into being a plant. The same process of a seed germination happens with our dreams and aspirations in life. You may choose to water and look after your seed every other day like your tomato seed until it begins to bud and then grow into a beautiful fruit, or dump your palm nut in the thick of a bush and forget it is there but in three to fours, a sprout is sure to show forth. Whatever happens, be rest assured that there will be growth at the end of day.  So whil


 Have you ever had to do something terrifying. Trying out new things or stepping into new grounds but doing it afraid. Sometimes you do not necessarily need to have all your plans laid out.  When I first started Seme’s Nooks, I didn't have all ideas but as we continue to grow the brand, we have grown and i still growing, thanks to you of course, The Tribe. Sometimes, all you need is a leap of faith. Why not try jumping today. Image source: No matter how terrifying, do something new. Reach for the sky, and if you fail you are in luck because you get to fall among the stars. Have a great week Tribe. Xoxo ©️Rachel Jesuseme


H ey Tribe, How are you all doing today? It is Nigeria’s independence today. Nigeria is located in West Africa . Nigeria represents different tribes with unique languages and rich cultural heritage. Nigerians are known for their vibrant and friendly energy expressed through diverse creative expressions. Suffice it to say that Nigeria is the pride of Africa. Nigeria is my motherland and the place of my birth and today she turns 61.  an Amen! When we became Nigeria at 60 last year it was with utmost expectation and high hope for a better today but today, we do not even have the life to hope anymore.  There has been so much hunger and insecurity in the land. How does one even think of the stomach when life itself is not certain of seeing the next sunset? As we mark Nigeria's Independence today, I cannot stop myself from thinking of the many families who have lost their dear ones to the raging wind of insecurity blowing in the land.  The most recent being the death of Dr. Akunyili, hus