It's my favorite time of the year.

Roll out the drums

Shout it on top of the hills

The season is gold.

Yes, Tribe, it's my birthday today.

I cannot begin to write about how excited I am of today.

Every year is a different experience and this has particularly been one with so many expectations especially since God's favorite daughter is not getting any younger.

But my looks says otherwise 

With the heart of great expectations this year, I have however chosen to remain consciously grateful.

So this new year, I am counting my blessings as always, but more intentional about it.

I am counting my blessings of friends and family members.

I am grateful for my journey and how far God has brought me. 

I am grateful for you, my Tribe who constantly hold my hands as I walk through life and it's many phases and continues to share stories with you. Thank you for standing by always.

Because Jesus is my only rock and what better day than today to share this good news with you all.

There are many ways in life but Jesus is the ONLY WAY and until you have a personal relationship with Him, You will not know how much love He has for you. This doesn't have to be done all at once. You can start with baby steps, and guess what? He loves you just like that. If you do not have that relationship with Jesus or you feel a disconnect, allow me to reintroduce Him to you. Please take these prayers now as you consecrate your life to Jesus; "Lord Jesus, I accept you into my life. Wash me with your blood and cleanse me from sin. Thank you, Jesus, I am born again. In Jesus name, Amen ". 

Thank you for making these confessions and welcome to the family of God. Please continue to build up your faith. If you would like a follow-up, kindly reach out to the Tribe by sending an email to or simply use the contact form in my blog profile.

After the failed attempt to start our campaign last year, we've tried again and geared up for this now.

Please allow me introduce or reintroduce you to the #GODCAN project.

Yes He can!

The #GodCan project is a campaign to spread the Goodnews of Christ having the assurance that God is able to turn any situation around no matter how bad it may seem. Only believe, then leave the work to Him because He can.

All that is required of you is to accept His love into your heart because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE IN CHRIST. 

Spreading the message of God's love!

So Tribe, if you or you know anyone who would like to be a part of this campaign, kindly spread the word.

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My uniform henceforth. Send a message now to get yours too!

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And please do not be a stranger here.

Thank you.

Here's to standing tall in chapter 34🔥

Please say a prayer over me today.



©Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Yes He sure can't!!

    Happy birthday baby, more milestone to achieve..

  2. My Darling Seme of life, happiest birthday.
    You know I am rooting for you.
    Can't wait to see you do amazing things in this new year!
    Please count me in for the #GodCan project!

    1. The Tribe is sure lucky to have you.
      Thank you.

      Yessss! #Godcan
      We are moving!

  3. Happy birthday my dear.May God bless you beyond your wildest expectations. Love you small, small❤


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