When a seed is planted it takes time to grow.

There are different planting seasons and so is the different germination season of every seed. Some seeds germinate so fast within a few days or weeks, others take time to grow. Some seed also requires a certain temperature to grow.

However, the length of time it takes for a seed to grow, no matter the wait, when a seed is ready to grow all that matters is the sprout because it is the only evidence that a seed is ready to transition from the season of being just a seed in the ground into being a plant.

The same process of a seed germination happens with our dreams and aspirations in life.

You may choose to water and look after your seed every other day like your tomato seed until it begins to bud and then grow into a beautiful fruit, or dump your palm nut in the thick of a bush and forget it is there but in three to fours, a sprout is sure to show forth.

Whatever happens, be rest assured that there will be growth at the end of day. 

So while you are waiting for that dream to come to fusion, do the following

 1. Think big. It is not the seed but the plant.

 2. Focus on the little you have now. Weather a                  tomato seed or a palm fruit seed, when it is planted it terminated. It is in the value of little, much comes forth.

3. Strive to improve. Think of better ways to grow that dream into reality.

4. Be diligent. Tend your garden like your life depends on it. Ph sure it does

5. Acquire knowledge. Papherps you e just been growing your tomato seed with the same temperature of a palm fruit see. No! It will die before it gets to the ground.

6. Give thanks. Oh! You did all that's to be done and your seed still died? Well, now you've just learnt another way not to plant that particular seed. Take your L (learner) sign with thanks and move on. Do not get discouraged or distracted.

My seed yielded a good fruit.
I'm a certified Gardner now😁

Hey Tribe! Do look after your seeds and guard them jealously. Tend your garden carefully and with lots of love.

Have a good week ahead.

And oh, my birthday is in two days!!!
I've been dancing all month💃💃💃

©️Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Congrats dear OluwaSeme.
    Please when are we dedicating the farm o?
    I am coming to carry my own basket of tomatoes.

    1. Hahaha, easy Madam Tory Easy!
      We are going commercial soon😁


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