Hey Tribe,

How are you all doing? 

It's the weekend and 7 days to Christmas.

I woke up this morning to the sweet breeze of the harmattan and I can only but remember all my Christmas memories as a village girl. 

The early morning harmattan cold, the dry leaves, very dusty road, and not forgetting the dry cracked lips and heels that will make one like all white and snow.

The Christmas harmattan wasn't my favourite because it always left me with cracked skin and I always wondered if it had a personal vendetta against me. My brother always joked that the best time to pick a bide was during the harmattan because only then can one know the real beauty that will stand the test of time (side eye at him)

Well, look at me now!

Aside the Christmas harmattan, the season itself was always my favourite of the year because of all the fun and love in the air. This year's has been nothing short of it.

What is your Christmas reason looking like?

What are your Christmas harmattan season memories?

Share with us in the comment section.


©️Rachel Jesuseme


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