"Do it for the culture". That is what you often hear when you are being asked to do something because of an additional perceived value, mostly when you are being hyped. This is something you would normally not do but because the added value of doing it is high, and you want to make an impression or get a few cheers and encomium you choose to do it anyway. 

This could be when you are with friends or foes, and it is more often than not referred to as peer pressure. Not necessarily for any negative effect this time. As a matter of fact, for all the greater good. 

So what are you doing for the culture?

What are you being hyped to do?

If you ever get tired of doing it but at the end of the day the odds all end in your favour, then do it anyway. Even when they stop cheering, become your own cheerleader and cheer yourself to victory.

Stay winning!

Have a most amazing week ahead Tribe.


©Rachel Jesuseme