Hey Tribe,  April is here! 

Welcome to a new week Tribe!!

Or should I say Happy New Month Tribe!!!

Or better still, this could be your Monday Morning Motivation.

How about we add all three and say Happy New Month Tribe! Welcome to a new week and your Monday Morning Motivation.

How have you all been, and I hope no one got fooled on April 1st?  I did and I am still crying. Well, that's a story for another day.

So the first quarter of the year is gone and April is here. Aside from it being  my favourite month of the year, I am also looking forward to new wins as they unfold. Yes, I took a little break from the Tribe to chase the bag a little *wink*. Do you all remember our goals for the year? well, my baby girl lifestyle won't fund itself. Aside from the drags back by all Tribe faithfuls, I missed being here too. 

While I was away I got time to reflect on a few things and I will be happy to share them with you.

Life goes in circles so do your challenges and every generation is wired to solve its problems. Your problems and challenges are real to you because you live in the situation, so don't feel offended when people do not sympathize with you as you expect them.

Your greatest opportunities come during a crisis but you have to keep a decongested mind to see through it.

Whatever you have (resources) focus on it no matter how little, there is much where the little came from. 

Give thanks for the good and bad. When your seed meets with ideas, planning, and thanksgiving, it will always yield good results.

No matter what may Tribe, never stop dreaming because the only way is forward.

April affirmation:

This month I affirm that,
I am shaped for a purpose
I am sculpted solely for my purpose
I know I am not perfect but I am good enough for what God needs me to do
God cannot be limited by my wrong choice and mistakes
Fate is not for me  
God is using my specifics to take me to my purpose 
I am imperfectly perfect through God's perfection 
I succeed and I am a success.

See you on the bright side of success.

Have an amazing week ahead Tribe.


©Rachel Jesuseme


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