The day is finally hereπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

It's another anniversary Tribe!

Yes, Seme's Nooks is two years old today!!!

Another 365 days of walking this path with you all and I must say it has been an amazingly interesting journey.

I can't believe it's two years already, wow! How time flies when you are having fun. 

Thank you all for steadily holding my hands and walking this path with me. I am grateful!

Yes, I've been thinking of what our anniversary post will be all about but to this day, I couldn't come up with anything because I am simply in awe of how The Tribe has grown in two years.

 I thank God for this project and for counting me worthy to be the lead

Please read our first blog post on “Welcome to Seme's Nooks Blog” and see how we started.

This Tribe has been nothing short of a miracle. 

I remember when I finally was able to conclude the unending conversations in my head and decided to share my stories and life experiences in a larger space (I am still holding back 99.9, God help me). My first and only fear was “haaaa, now you are going to be revealing too much and the whole world won't stop talking”, lol, but I realize it wasn't about me after all. Then “Full circle” dropped as our first short stories and I got a lot of “oh my God, who told you about me?”, “This used to be me” “this is what I am currently going through”... And the list goes on. This shattered my heart into many recoverable pieces. 

To think that so many people are in a phase where they might never be able to get out, just because no one is talking about it. 

To God be the glory, we have also been able to provide some form of counseling too.

We have also been able to kick off the evangelism arm of the Tribe with our "God Can" project campaign Tees. Read up on it here 

The #Godcan project

Join the campaign: email:
Call or whatsapp: 08063003785

I must say my experience here has been fun too😁

There have been instances where I've had to laugh my lungs out on some posts and feedback from those posts.

How about when my village people and ancestors will ask me to pull down a particular post or even delete the blog kpatakpata (completely) because according to them, it's too much information.

Haaaaaaa my chest!!! You all sit still because I haven't even started. 

The past years has taught me how determined and dedicated I can be to a course. My dedication to this blog is very commendable (allow me to praise myself please) I mean I started this blog with a broken phone, a sick mind, and God's dream and still have been able to do this much. Round of applause for me abeg πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

The first time I viewed the blog on a computer in August 2020. I Started the blog in May.

I've also had very low moments when I felt I am not living up to expectations and shouldn't be doing this in the first place. Times when I had to deal with my own struggles, the fact that writing hasn't taken my problems away even when people keep sending feedback of how they've been able to move on from a challenge after reading a blog post.

Those times have taught me and reminded me of why we started this journey in the first place.

It is not about me but the PLAN. GOD'S PLAN.

So I am taking out time to specially appreciate everyone who has been here from the very beginning and are still here.

I am grateful to God for Angels who has come my way in this course.  

Sometimes I wonder how it would be if I publish a post and not one person clicks on the link to read, but that has never happened. Now that alone is enough reason to keep going. Thank you is not enough a word for how grateful I am for always reading my blog post, for sharing your thought in the comment section, for sharing the links with friends.... How can I forget all those who will send emails or even call to find out why I haven't posted or even replied to comments! (See why it is a TRIBE!)

This is a COMMUNITY guys!

My own special TRIBE

I have GOLD because I have you all.

Thank you!

When I count my blessings I count The Tribe twice because you all have been my biggest gift yet and that is why with a heavy heart I hate to announce that I am taking a break and letting go of The Tribe. You all must have noticed the slow post for some time now. It is not delibrate. 

My experience with postpartum depression six years ago is still a struggle. There has been a relapse and I need me to be attended to (lol). 

Like I wrote earlier, this vision is not mine but God's, hence this site will not be deleted. It's His WILL so there will always be a WAY.



Goodbyes are the hardest so I wouldn't say that.


Signing Out

©️Rachel Jesuseme


  1. Happy 2nd Blog-versary to us!
    We are glad you started this journey and have carried us along all through.
    More grace to do more!

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