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I AM NOT CRAZY I PROMISE. I am only wired differently.

 Hey Tribe! A  very Happy New Month felicitation to you all (Please I just felt like speaking grammar). Lol Wow! March is here already. How is the year treating you so far?  Good? Fair? Or just there. Whatever your answer is. I hope you are taking your time to work on your set goals for the year. By the way, how far have you gone with executing the goals in your VISION BOARD for the year? Or you didn't know about it before now? well, now you do.  So get to work and go make one for yourself. Remember, those goals and visions won't come to being if you do not plan and take the necessary steps towards achieving them.  Apart from setting goals and mapping out plans to achieve them, another very important things to do is realizing who you are and knowing how your form (personality) works. That is knowing your personality traits. This will also help you to know how to manage people and your relationship with them better. I tell you a lot of unnecessary arguments and altercation can


Hey Tribe, I trust you all are doing ok. I am fine, thanks for asking. I am just here wondering if the universe wants us to populate the earth more, especially with this very freezing weather + lockdown. #yummymummy loading. This is not my handwriting, please don't come for me. So, I had a chat with my friend who celebrated her one year wedding anniversary over the weekend and she was sharing some hilarious wedding night moments with me; like they were looking for the hole to put the machine gun on their wedding night amongst many others and it was so hilarious. This made me remember all my early days of marriage experiences. No, I didn't have such experiences because I am the king of the jungle *side-eye at you all,  Google is your best friend and teacher please*. 2014 you all! Double click for goodwill😂 I however had other experiences in the very early years and looking back now I am thankful I did because experiences help me build on myself and make me a better version of w


Hey Tribe! Anybody miss me? I am sure you did as much as I've missed you all. I am sorry for the break. Don't let me bore you with the seven mountains I had to climb and seven seas I crossed to be back. Guess what? I am back and even better. Thank you for sticking through and through. This would have been your perfect "Monday morning motivation" but it's Tuesday and hey, every day is the Lord's day.  In our quest to become a better version of ourselves. To discover who you are in life, we must be intentional and deliberate about who we are and what is our form.  Knowing your personality is key in self-discovery. How Do I Create My Personality? According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Your personality is set by no one but you. It encompasses the actions you take and the decisions you make. Either you are a patient person or not, a responsible person, or not. Try asking yourself some searching questions to discover just what kind of person you are, such as: