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I Was Part Of A 22 Days Challenge. Here Is How It Went Down

  It is day 22 of the 22 days of WintererABC2021 Afrobloggers writers challenge. For 22 day Afrobloggers has given creatives an opportunity to showcase their talents and use the platform to interact with other Creatives. I tell you I've had the opportunity to meet the finest of them. Today, as the journey comes to an end. I am happy to be a part of something this big, even bigger then me.  There were times when I got tired and almost backed down but I am glad I got the courage to keep going. Special thanks to the community for standing by everyone, for sharing ideas on each week's task, and for the constant interaction with one another. On a lighter mood, I  made a compilation of the  different kinds of participants from the hall of participants. From my imagination,  for your laughing pleasure. 22 types of  participants in the 22 days WinterABC2021 challenge. *The Ready set go gang: these are the set of people who are ever ready, born ready, I mean they were born to do this.


A Hey Tribe! How are you all doing today? I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas I wanna wish you... Ok, one more day before Christmas but  I already feel Christmas in my bones.   Especially with all the activities around me.  The whole city of Lagos, southwest Nigeria is filled with the spirit of Christmas.  So, I went to the salon because I wanted to do a little touch up with my short hair or maybe do some cornrows but after I showed my hairstylist the Simbi school girl style I wanted to make, he politely asked me to wait till January. Ha! Bet why? In his words "big mama, I can only do slay queens style now o"  Me, what am I? A slay grandmother maybe, Let me Kuku be going to my house. He will know how important I am in January. Everyone is complaining about not having enough money to spend this season. Please manage the one you have, and if you don't have at all, stay still, help is on the way. Free manual for the Tribe Meanwhile, I like m


Dear Same Tribe,  How are you all doing this fine Friday afternoon? I am well, thanks for asking. I had an encounter with a little someone sometimes ago and trust me to share with you all. You all know what the good book in Proverbs chapter 22 verse 6 says? "train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." I have been trying my best in bringing up my girls, Tana and Tilda aka Ari in the way of the Lord and I just might have shot myself on the foot. Tana said what? Oh no, she didn't. Please read. So I read somewhere in one of the female groups I belong to online that women could use the baby diaper as sanitary towels *side eye at you all*. That was how I decided to experiment with Ari's diaper and boom! Tana caught me in the art. She started asking me what I was doing with Ari's diaper and if I asked before taking what does not belong to me (no thanks to all the lecture on not taking people's things without asking)  She


Hey Tribe! I have one gist for you. Just promise you won't laugh at me. Ok? So, I came across a post online and someone said people should post comments of their most embarrassing moments.  I read lots of comments that made me laugh really hard. There were comments ranging from flying wigs on a motorbike to emergency running stomach In the most awkward places. One very funny comment that caught my attention was from a lady. She wrote that one loverboy who was always at her bus stop whenever she was coming from work but she wouldn't give him a listening ear. One day, on her way from work, as usual, Mr loverboy  was there, and immediately he sighted her he got out of his car and started begging for just a little of her time to talk. She flipped her hair in his face and walked away. She had just cat walked a few steps when the weather suddenly changed. It was first a few raindrops then a mighty downpour all within a split second. In that heavy downpour, Mr lover of  drove to wher