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Seme Tribe, it's Dee again! Yes Dee, remember my adventurous Dee? Click to read our story  here Yes, so Dee's call came in on Wednesday night " babes how would you like to spend the weekend attending the Calabar carnival?"  "Sounds nice but who is paying sha?" I asked.  "You worry too much, just say you are in" Dee's voice answered from the other end. "Oya na, count me in" I answered with so much excitement in me. "Just be ready Friday morning and please no funny stories," he said before he hung up. I had since rounded up my NYSC and was now living with my Uncle in Ikoyi and doing a few things while job hunting. So you can safely call me a Lagos small girl and yes, Dee and I were still together in spite of all my village ways. I guess the heart wants who the heart truly wants. Leaving the house wasn't going to be so much a big deal as my Uncle was out of the country with his wife. So Friday morning, Dee was already at my


Hey Tribe!  I am not smiling at all so no pleasantries today. One of the beautiful things about me running this blog is the privilege I get to be able to vent on you all. So, in this period when everyone is trying to be calm and save energy and all, Papa got dolls for the girls during the lockdown. My first reaction was "which one is this one again?" but I decided to rejoice with the children instead and not be a killjoy.  That was how my status quickly changed from being a mother of two to a mother of five. I will explain; my two girls plus Matana's former doll, and the other two dolls papa got for them. So my journey to nanny duties for dolly began, especially with Ari. She made me do pretend to feed, give the doll a bath, and even change the diaper. Don't let me get started on the many times she will dismantle every part of the doll and make me fix it, and repeat the circle over again. To say I am exhausted is an understatement.  Ari sanitizing Tana's old doll


Hey Tribe! How's the weather treating you all? I got a little something to warm you up. So contrary to popular belief NYSC in 2010 wasn't the first time I came to Lagos.              E don tay for the matter!       My first time in Lagos was in 2008. I cannot go into the shenanigans of what I came to do in this city then because all my village elders are following this blog and I will not like to be summoned. Thank you very much. Yeah, so when I first came here, you already know it was on a shenanigans level and everything seemed all well and good just like in the movies. Logistics was perfect.  Then, NYSC happened and I got the real " welcome to Lagos " special kind of induction.          NYSC 2010 I  cannot recall the number of times I missed my way in this city, I still do. I mean the bus stops and bridges look almost the same, and the bus drivers and conductors didn't help matters at all.  Then I  will always be like "good morning sir, please I will aligh


I saw a funny video online today where a lady fell off an escalator. It made me laugh so hard and I also remembered something. Please come along with me! I had just come to Lagos for my NYSC in 2010. Here I met Dee. Dee had all the good looks and you could refer to him as your "tall, dark and handsome" kinda guy. Dee was staying on the Island at that time and I was with my Uncle somewhere on the mainland, Ikotun area precisely.  Dee knew all the cool spots in town and he was so determined to take me on all his tours around town and the fact that I was a boring "journey just come" village girl wasn't helping matters. So, one Saturday morning I got a call from Dee; "babe can we see a movie today"?  he continued "don't worry  I will send the direction on where you'll meet me up" and hung up very quickly before I could say anything.  I already had plans to sleep all day (PS: sleep used to be my day job, every other thing including my NYSC


TGIF TRIBE! How have you all been fairing, especially with the lockdown and restrictions all as a result of the pandemic that has trapped the entire world? Well, I have been coping just fine, except for the fact that I need to always wear a mask each time I step out of my house which leaves me gasping for air all the time because I'm claustrophobic.                                             #maskupLagos Thank God for the ease of the total lockdown and things are gradually returning to normal, although I doubt if things will ever be how they use to be but it's a lot better than how it was when it first hit us. Reminds me of my experience in April, it was the first time I stepped out of the house since the March 30th Lagos lockdown. I went out to get food refill. Halfway through my journey, I began to wonder if the lockdown was over because of the number of people outside, maybe everyone else has somewhere going or maybe not. So I stopped bothering myself with questions. The ma