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Dear Tribe, How have you all been coping with having the kids at home 24/7? The total locked down have been eased. Our lives are now back to normal, or maybe not normal as it used to be anymore.                         The new normal Well, I have been trying to not get overwhelmed with everything so I am just taking things one step at a time especially since I yelled at Ari one time and Tana was trying to do the breathing exercise mechanism for me (something she learned from her cartoon program). You can imagine! When your four years old starts to tell you to take a moment and breath you know you really need to breathe, lol. So here are a few tips that has helped me in coping with having my little ones around me 24/7 1. HAVE A ROUTINE Order and routine give young children a safe haven from what they view as an overwhelming and unprecedented world, especially at this period when they are at home all day every day.  I try to keep the same schedule every day like you can't ask to watc