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On my worship today, I am sharing God's goodness.  He picked me up, turned my life around and placed my feet on solid ground. Hallelujah! I THANK GOD LYRICS BY MAVERICK CITY “Wandering into the night ,  Wanting a place to hide This weary soul ,  This bag of bones And I try with all my might ,  But I just can't win the fight I'm slowly drifting ,  A vagabond And just when I ran out of road I met a man I didn't know And He told me that I was not alone He picked me up, He turned me around He placed my feet on solid ground I thank the Master, I thank the Savior Because He healed my heart, He changed my name Forever free, I'm not the same I thank the Master, I thank the Savior I thank God I cannot deny what I see ,  Got no choice but to beliеve My doubts are burning ,  Like ashеs in the wind So, so long to my old friends ,  Burden and bitterness You can just keep it moving (Hey), hey Nah, you ain't welcome here From now 'til I walk the streets of gold I'll si


Hey Tribe, Welcome to my worship corner. So, after the  LAST POST , there's a major conversation that is brewing. It is about how much people are being cheated in love; men, women, married, and the unmarried.  I am heartbroken by all the feedbacks I've been getting. Like what on earth is going on? How do you love someone and hurt them at the same time? Anyways, we will deal with that some other time, definitely.  In case you are wondering if I made a mistake at the introduction with “welcome to my worship corner”, nope I did not. My worship corner is our personal space of conversations with God, and God says come as you are and have that innermost conversation with Him, or who better to talk to than the one who formed and knew you from the beginning.  I've had this song saved up in the draft for a while now. I guess it was saved for a time like this. Have you been cheated? Are you hurting? Are you broken? God is bigger and stronger than everything. He will help you pull thr



Love And Faithfulness!

Today’s Worship corner we are reminiscing on the goodness of God. Amidst the circumstances and chaos around us, the only thing we want to focus on is how good our God is. God is good and his mercies endures forever. He is God all by Himself and He has only good plans for us.  The Bible doesn’t just say that God does good things. It says that God is good. It is not just what He does; it is who He is, and who He is never changes.   All my life God has been faithful. Sing along with me! GOODNESS OF GOD LYRICS BY: BETHEL MUSIC AND JENN JOHNSON I love You, Lord For Your mercy never fails me All my days, I've been held in Your hands From the moment that I wake up Until I lay my head Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God And all my life You have been faithful And all my life You have been so, so good With every breath that I am able Oh, I will sing of the goodness of God I love Your voice You have led me through the fire In the darkest night You are close like no other I've known You

Trust In Every Step Of The Way

We’ve toiled and labored all night. Now it is almost dawn and the reward for your labor is almost here but you just can’t see it yet. Good things are coming even when we can't see them. God is bringing your reward sooner than you expect. I am sharing this song from my worship corner today to encourage you in the remaining parts of the year. Whatever plans you have, just keep running with it. You will see the glory soon enough. Trust God. SONG TITLE: HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET LYRICS BY: DANNY GOKEY Have you been praying and you still have no answers? Have you been pouring out your heart for so many years? Have you been hoping that things would have changed by now? Have you cried all the faith you have through so many tears? Don't forget the things that He has done before And remember He can do it all once more It's like the brightest sunrise Waiting on the other side of the darkest night Don't ever lose hope, hold on and believe Maybe you just haven't seen it, just hav


Today's worship corner is a declaration of God's blessings from Numbers 6:24-26. So many things are happening and going wrong around the world today. You could say, it's the signs of the end time. Over the past few months, I've had to just speak God's word over me and my family. We might be i n this world but we are not of the world, and we can only survive the cares of this world by hiding under God's word and blessings over us. Meditate on the lyrics of this song and declare God's words over you and your family.  SONG TITLE: THE BLESSING LYRICS DONE BY: ELEVATION WORSHIP FT. KARI JOBE The Lord Bless you a nd Keep you Make His Face Shine upon you And be gracious to you The Lord Turn His  Face Toward you And Give you Peace Amen, Amen, Amen Amen, Amen, Amen The Lord Bless you a nd Keep you Make His Face Shine upon you And be gracious to you The Lord Turn His  Face Toward you And Give you Peace (Amen, Amen, Amen Amen, Amen, Amen)  {  May His Favor be upon you

Confidence For Days!

Hey Tribe! Welcome to my Worship corner. In my worship corner today I am boosting my confidence in God and reassuring myself in the power of His word. There is nothing God cannot do so I've got confidence in Him. Enjoy these Worship lyrics from Tasha Cobbs’s “CONFIDENCE” in the album “SMILE”. SONG TITLE: CONFIDENCE LYRICS BY: TASHA COBBS I got so much faith in you, Lord I trust your words it's true No matter the circumstance, my life is in your hands I've got confidence, so much confidence, in you I've got confidence, so much confidence, in you Your love has been so good to me, it's so unfailing My heart is in your hands, you hold the master plan I've got confidence, so much confidence in you I've got confidence, so much confidence in you Your ways are higher Your thoughts are deeper I can't even imagine How you do what you do, but you do what you do I've got confidence, so much confidence in you Somebody just tell Him I've got confidence, so muc