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If you are in Nigeria or any surface of the earth, You would probably have heard of the slogan by now. Yes, the same one that has been on our lips for a long time now and became more popular in October 2020, the #ENDSARS slogan.  The ENDSARS movement is created to stand against police brutality in Nigeria, particularly calling for an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a controversial unit of the Nigeria Police with a long record of abuses.  In the past two weeks, Nigerians have relentlessly made their voices heard in form of protest both online and offline. We have protested against this endless brutality and inhumane treatment.  A peaceful protest sprung up. Nigerians unanimously came together for a good course and hit the street to demand their rights. People came out en masse all over the country, marching for justice.                                                              Gallant Nigerian youths                                                                    The


Hey Tribe! How is your week going? I trust you all are doing ok. I am well, thanks for asking.  So, a few days back was the National Daughters day celebration and I wanted to take out time to celebrate my girls AKA Tana and Tilda. If you have been on this blog long enough you probably would have encountered them here already Thinking of celebrating them has kind of reminded me of all the beautiful struggles I've had in my journey to motherhood. And what better way to kick off the season of our #overcoming pain series than, to begin with, my own story and creating awareness for postpartum depression. So I thought of sharing my journey to motherhood and postpartum depression. My Journey started in 2016 when I had my first child Matana AKA TanaT. Kindly read up on all my banter with Tana  here and  here ALL ABOUT MY POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION JOURNEY You’ve probably heard of the “baby blues.” That’s because it’s quite common for new mothers to feel a little sad, worried, or fatigued. As