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Hey Tribe! It's the second TGIF in 2021. Surfing the internet as per, social media things, this word hits me in the face; "Lifestyle creep/lifestyle inflation". This is when the standard of living improves and things seen as luxury becomes a necessity or behavior that sees spending on nonessential items as a way of life.  This is what we call "I don arrive", ( I have made it) and it comes with the need to show, oppress, and pepper as we call it.  For some, they don't even have it, they fake it. keeping up with the Jones's. I have always learned to have a saving culture, now I tell myself to live way below my means. " If it is not necessary don't buy it". Food, clothing, shelter basic needs, and despite the fact they are basic, I wouldn't go out of my way to break the bank to eat, wear clothes or go for an extravagant outlandish home. It used to be "live within your means", but I now go by "live well below your needs"


Compliments/ complements of the season. I still don't know which is more appropriate, so I will do it the local way, una doh o.  Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I and Seme have been on snooze for a while on here. Omo! It's adulting. This adulthood takes grace& supernatural backing from our Abba Daddy.  It is not about balls, big girl pants, muscle, or common sense, Nah! It then makes so much sense now.  It is not of him that wills, nor of him that runs, but of GOD that shows MERCY. Yup! mercy and God's grace.  This year has been trying but we thank God for His shield and protection. I have to be overly excited about this year's festive period because seeing December 1st was a privilege and it came with excitement. My burden and my worries I have given to God and I intend to feast and feast real big.  I will be sharing my Christmas meal with you all Seme Tribe. I'm not breaking the bank. Hell No! December 25th breakfast; one Titus fish, green onions, grated


Hey Tribe! How are you all feeling today? Good, I guess. Thanks for asking I am well too. You already know you all give me the strength to carry on and keep going. Thank you. So, today is woman crush Wednesday *side eye at all the men in Seme Tribe", please don't be jealous. You know I gat you, your Man crush day is coming soon.  Share your stories and experiences with Seme Today, our Tribe member is sharing her experience on her journey to becoming a "Mrs". RoyaltyFly is a writer who loves to pen down her many life experiences in her journey to healing.  Read about one of her many experiences below... March 20th, 2010, almost seven months pregnant. I had my court wedding and my traditional marriage. Prior to this day, I tried to talk about vehicle arrangements with the husband to be, met with a brick wall. I used my elder brother's EOD and sent the decor lady to his house to decorate whatever it was he had come up with. Discussion and preparations of this said w


Hey Tribe, I hope you are all doing ok. We have a story from one of our tribe members today. RoyaltyFly is a writer who loves to pen down her many life experiences in her journey to healing. Read about her experience below...   To Be or Not To Be...  The past is in your head while the future is in your hand. Getting past the past in your head is the work.  Lately, I have moved on and resolved the past, taken in the lesson, and running with a glorious future. Lessons learned from yesteryear; friends will make you or mar you, pursue healthy, lifting, and spirit filled friendship.  When my marriage was going down in my face, Bobo had robbed me of me. I felt worthless and like the one with the problems and complications. It took me one thought to power back. I felt awful like the evil one but in the darkness, I remembered I have had relationships from way back, friendships from Secondary School, University and they were still intact; growing strong. So if I was that terrible how come I sti


Hey Tribe! So lately I have been feeling off. I had an entangling situation with my neighbor and just managed to get resolve from the entanglement, Iol. The internet went agog with the word "entanglement, Jada, and Will's" situation and couldn't help but use the word.  There was a windstorm and this really massive tree in my property fell and destroyed my neighbor's car and caused some minor damage to his building. He discovered this in the morning, he came right to our door knocked and informed me of the situation. I threw on decent clothing and went out to see the damage and discuss the way forward from this "entanglement" nature brought forth. In the process of our dialogue his daughter, a teen came out, she owns the car. She was carrying a baby of about 3 months old and her boyfriend who lived there was with us. My nose was up in disgust as the Nigerian that I am. My mind left the pressing issue at hand and went into a full judgmental zone. This girl


Hey Tribe!  I trust your day is going on well, Mine is too. Thanks for asking. RoyalityFly is at it again. If you haven't met her, click to read her story  here MY MAN MY BABY Can someone tell KieKie I'm a fan?  I love her fashion show and she just started another show  "kiekie unscripted".  On the show, she was talking about things they don't tell you about marriage, lol. I practically rolled on the fall when she said her manly fiance is not so manly, as per the husky manliness was packed at the garage after the wedding. She said if he calls her by a name, alas! a child is born on that day.  It was incredibly funny cause I could so relate. My hubby looking for stuff, "baby I can't find so so". I stand up and open the closet and it's right in front of me, even winking.  "Mr bro how did you miss it"? I ask. The " baby did you see this", "baby did you see that"? "Baby hand me my breath I need to breathe". At


It's another beautiful day. The weather is nice, going out is the right thing to do but with this COVID19 it's hard to get out.  The thoughts of wearing a mask, putting on gloves, measuring, and putting a distance between myself and the next human is all too much. So, sitting indoors and navigating the world through the gram is the new way of life. On the gram, I stumble on Eve's page and she talked about freeing the boobs, the nipple, and how guys go crazy about the things. I think she was even asking why guys go gaga about that. A guy's comment stuck with me and he explained it's not necessarily the boobs but the concept that it's hidden and humans love to steal, go out in search of what is hidden. He further explained that if guys and ladies wherein the pool, it's okay, but once the same ladies dressed the same way enter a banking hall, 'na problems be that.' He said something about it being the same reason rape is higher in climes where women cov


Hey Tribe, We have a guest writer today. Read on! DADDY'S GIRL? My relationship with Papso was a love/hate thing.  In my formative years, our home was run like the military base; no talking, no walking, no breathing when Daddy was around.  I hear my neighbors run out singing "Daddy oyoyo" but hearing dad's car honking was a reminder to freeze.  I stay in my room not wanting to be seen or heard. This went on till I turned 10 or thereabouts. ' Ewo lo shi gan? I'm tired men! If na die I die, this bull shit must end'  A sudden boldness entered me and I began to feel free. Then I became rude, then I opposed him and all he stood for.  Daddy was human after all. I must have been like 'Ogbeni come down from your high horse'. He said one, I said 10. I was labeled the black sheep as I cared. This monster he created, they should deal with. l was still a child.  Though I had become a monster, I still craved Daddy's attention. I would ask Daddy "Don