FULL CIRCLE (PART FOUR) By the following week, Chi and I were in Nigeria to attend my parent's funeral. Chiamaka's parents were already waiting at the airport for our arrival.  The journey down to Ibadan was a long and lonely one. By the time we got home, Iya Bishop and the church council were there to receive us. She gave me a long hug, probably the longest I've had in a lifetime and for the first time I cried my hearts out on my grandmother's shoulders because seeing her, it suddenly hit me that truly my beloved parents were no more.  The burial arrangements were handled by the church council, the university as well as the office of the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and were well attended by dignitaries. On Sunday the Governor paid us a visit to commiserate with the family as he had earlier scheduled state matters that prevented him from attending the burial. Tons and tons of people tripped In to offer their condolences.  Chiamaka and I returned to the UK after on


Hey Tribe! Anybody miss me? I am sure you did as much as I've missed you all. I am sorry for the break. Don't let me bore you with the seven mountains I had to climb and seven seas I crossed to be back. Guess what? I am back and even better. Thank you for sticking through and through. This would have been your perfect "Monday morning motivation" but it's Tuesday and hey, every day is the Lord's day.  In our quest to become a better version of ourselves. To discover who you are in life, we must be intentional and deliberate about who we are and what is our form.  Knowing your personality is key in self-discovery. How Do I Create My Personality? According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Your personality is set by no one but you. It encompasses the actions you take and the decisions you make. Either you are a patient person or not, a responsible person, or not. Try asking yourself some searching questions to discover just what kind of person you are, such as:


FULL CIRCLE (PART THREE) Thank you for your comments and feedback on the story so far. Please keep the conversation going. Kindly refresh the page to read up on part one and two of "Full circle" if you are just joining us. *********   *********   **********   ********* FULL CIRCLE (PART THREE) So the journey to my birth began. My arrival was like the arrival of a queen. Everyone, from church, the university, my mother's office, Iya Bishop's goons, I mean everyone welcomed and treated me like royalty.  People all over the country shared my parent's testimony and it soon became preacher's favorite sermon topic. My parent's joy of having me knew no bound. To them, it was more for the strengthening of their faith.  Oh! My parents loved me! I know I had a special spot in dad's heart.  Saturdays was a special day in our house. Daddy called it "day of the Lord for my special family". No outing; if he needed to officiate at a wedding or so, he was us


FULL CIRCLE (PART TWO) I felt a sharp pain in my head that almost felt like the sound from the drumbeat during the Argungun fishing festival.  I tried to touch my head, open my eyes, and feel my legs at the same time. I tell you it was a struggle. I finally opened my eyes and saw Chi beside me.  O, Chi! one of the best things that ever happened to me in life. *********   *********   **********   **********   **********   **********   **********   ********** Hi there, my name is Yewande. Have you been following my story? I'm sorry I haven't properly introduced myself. Maybe there's nothing really to say about me or maybe it's because I'm not proud of how things have turned out with me so I've just been trying to live my life unnoticed for the past few years. Yes, my name is Yewande. Yewande Badmus. I'm 35 years old. I am the first, last and only child of Bishop Kunle Badmus (funny, I always liked to introduce myself that way while I was growing up). Hmmm! Yes


FULL CIRCLE It happened today again.  This time it was right in the presence of the twins and I wasn't sure if I was going to make it out alive.  Jay beat me and again, with the fullness of his might. As if he always had to follow through with the process, he started with the argument, then a few slaps on both sides of my face. I have long resolved in my heart of heart that since I was a sacrificial lamb when he slaps on one cheek I would turn the other. After all the holy book says so.  The slaps were accompanied by a couple of blows. The final part, as always, he brought out his belt and unleashed it on my whole body. All along the twins were in the living room watching their father, my beloved husband whom I have especially loved and served for the past six years beat me to a pump. Andre must have said something because I saw his lips move. I can't quite remember what it was but I could almost hear him mutter something like "mummy vran". Yes, that was it. " mu


Good morning, welcome to  worship corner. This song right here is the true Description of my love story with God. *********   **********   **********   *********  ********** I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU LYRICS BY FRANK EDWARD. Many things I'll like to say A thousand years won't be enough You brought me out of the miry clay And took away my sins Lord you've been my everything And everything I do is you Lord I'm in love with you In you I live, in you I breathe There is no me without you Precious Lord I can't stop loving you You're my everything I can't stop loving you ‘cause you bring melody to my heart I can't stop loving you You're my everything I can't stop loving you ‘cause you bring melody to my heart I can't get enough of you You're my heart desire You are all that matters to me Lord you've been my everything And everything I do is you Lord I'm in love with you In you I live, in you I breathe There is no me without you Precious


Hey Tribe, We have a guest writer today. Read on! DADDY'S GIRL? My relationship with Papso was a love/hate thing.  In my formative years, our home was run like the military base; no talking, no walking, no breathing when Daddy was around.  I hear my neighbors run out singing "Daddy oyoyo" but hearing dad's car honking was a reminder to freeze.  I stay in my room not wanting to be seen or heard. This went on till I turned 10 or thereabouts. ' Ewo lo shi gan? I'm tired men! If na die I die, this bull shit must end'  A sudden boldness entered me and I began to feel free. Then I became rude, then I opposed him and all he stood for.  Daddy was human after all. I must have been like 'Ogbeni come down from your high horse'. He said one, I said 10. I was labeled the black sheep as I cared. This monster he created, they should deal with. l was still a child.  Though I had become a monster, I still craved Daddy's attention. I would ask Daddy "Don